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How to effectively fix M&E services to flat and pitched roofs

Installing M&E systems on flat roofs is challenging enough, but what if the roof or surface you are fixing to has a pitch or slope? It’s important that services are installed level to ensure safe and proper functioning of the equipment.

This presents challenges for fixing the M&E services using standard rooftop support feet as the majority are designed to sit on a flat surface. The most common solution offered is that of a rubber wedge to place under the support foot, which is fine if the pitch of the roof slope matches the pitch of the wedge, but is otherwise a quite inflexible solution!

Walraven Yeti® 480 – The all-in-one, fully adjustable solution

That’s why Walraven developed the Walraven Yeti® 480 foot, to deliver an all-in-one solution with easy adjustment and plenty of added benefits. With no additional parts required, simply tilt the adjustable mid-section to the required pitch between 0° and 7° and lock into place. This makes it fast, accurate and incredibly easy to install.

Additional benefits of the Walraven Yeti® 480

As well as being fully adjustable for pitched roofs, Walraven Yeti® feet have many additional benefits making them a great solution for modern-day rooftop installations. It was recently specified on the new Everton Stadium build due to its many benefits including:

  • Non-penetrative fixing solution with high load capacity
  • Fully adjustable between 0° and 7°
  • Fast installation – the pitch adjustment can be made in seconds!
  • Made of WPC (recycled plastic and wood fibre composite)
  • Tested and certified levels of noise reduction and UV resistance
  • Includes non-slip, integrated anti-vibration mat
  • Provides optimal weight distribution
  • 360° rotatable strut insert
  • Optional ballast blocks for increased weight/stability

If you’re looking for high-spec HVAC roof supports that offer all of the above benefits then get in touch to find out more!

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