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Group of tradesmen renovating a house for a teenage boy suffering with Neuroblastoma for nothing

A group of tradesmen from all over the country are getting together to renovate a sick teenage boy’s house. Alfie is 16 and lives with his siblings and parents in Ashford, Middlesex. He is suffering from Neuroblastoma. He has a badly laid out bedroom which is cramped and has to climb up and down to a bunk bed which isn’t easy for him especially when he urgently needs the bathroom. The family kitchen is also very tired and falling to bits, which is making caring for him not easy.

Andy Stevens and Arron Evans met with Shelly, his mother, and she explained what Alfie was suffering with and how the current state of the house was not making it easy to look after him. Following a few phone calls by Andy and Arron, Jewsons are supplying the timber and building materials to make him a new bed and fitted wardrobes, Brewers are supplying the paint, Howdens are supplying the kitchen, Euro Tiles are supplying the tiles and Weber are supplying the adhesive and grout. The labour is coming from as far away as North Wales and Stockport.

All the tradesmen are taking time off work and donating their time for nothing. We will all be staying locally at our own expense as we are trying to do all the work in just 4 days, so we will more than likely be working through the nights to get it done.

From the back of this, TRYHAL is being set up. This stands for Trades Rebuilding Your Homes And Lives. We will be focusing on helping children with cancer as this little boy and his family have really touched us. Once the charity is set up and receives its status, we will be receiving donations from large suppliers, selling clothing and merchandise to raise money for projects, and carrying out more fundraising events to help raise money. All the labour will be free and we hope to carry out an increasing number of projects to help poorly children with cancer.