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Fuel Security with the Conquip Fuel Eco-Hub

A recent case study carried out by Conquip Engineering Group with one of its partners Bridgebank Ltd, a leading civil contractor based in the East Midlands, showcases how Conquip’s Fuel Eco-Hub has revolutionised Bridgebank’s fuel management system by integrating the solution into its operations.

Bridgebank was plagued by fuel theft, with some sites experiencing three break-ins in just three weeks. The team needed to find a way to prevent theft, whilst optimising fuel usage to be able to analyse fuel costs associated with specific projects.

As a result of investing in the Fuel Eco-Hub, Bridgebank reported savings in cost and an enhancement in site security:

“One of the biggest impacts we’ve had on our business over the last few years is the swap from red diesel to white diesel, as we immediately saw theft increase. That’s one of the main reasons we’re using the Conquip Fuel Eco-Hub, it’s well-disguised as a normal site store and comes with extra security measures, making it impossible to steal the diesel,” Paul Jones, Commercial Director, Bridgebank.

Additionally, Bridgebank has experienced immediate savings by filling up their commercial vans at the Fuel Eco-Hub rather than at the forecourts. Most of the workers use the vans to travel to and from their construction projects on-site at approximately £1 per litre, compared to £1.50+ per litre at forecourts.

So, are you looking for a reliable fuel management solution that improves fuel security on-site and protects costs? One that’s off-grid, powered by solar panels? Visit Conquip’s website and watch the two minute explainer video…