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FlexManager – Technology-Driven Workplace Compliance Solution

FlexManager is an award-winning occupational health and safety software provider that has its roots firmly planted in the construction industry both in the UK and internationally.

The highly configurable compliance platform was recently recognised by the prestigious magazine, Canadian Occupational Safety, as this year’s 5-star OHS software and technology provider.

FlexManager was first established in 2011 with the goal to offer a secure and reliable means of assisting companies of all sizes to reduce workplace accidents in high-risk sectors. The construction industry in the UK has on average four times more fatal injuries than any other professional sector, making it a high priority for the fast-expanding tech company.

Injuries related to the construction industry in the UK are estimated to cost over £16 billion in 2022, a 34% increase from the 2020 figure.

To protect one of the UK’s most valuable assets, its construction workforce, and to prevent workplace injuries and accidents FlexManager has designed a comprehensive library of modules that, through easy implementation and professional support, can create a culture of compliance and safety in any environment.

The cost-effective software equips clients with all the tools necessary to maintain their employee’s well-being in one easy-to-use location. With the ever-increasing cost of workplace injuries on employers and the HSA’s strict enforcement of fines, FlexManager is providing a preventive means of cuttings costs in the construction industry.

FlexManager achieves success by removing the need for unreliable and time-consuming paper-based systems and granting companies the ability to manage, track, and react to crucial elements of their operations, from people to assets, in real-time through a cloud-based platform. FlexManager grants those, with the correct permissions, the capacity to quickly and accurately retrieve historical records through both desktop and mobile devices.

The product suite’s flexible nature means that it can match the processes, procedures, and structures already established internally and within the industry. FlexManager’s modules are designed with OHS professionals as a priority, aiming to encourage proactivity with automated data capture rather than digital capture alone and has had huge success in assisting customers to reach ISO certification.

FlexManager is always looking to the future for further innovation and is currently investing in elements of Internet of Things (IoT) as a means of capturing real-time data.

“Concurrently, we are investing our time and effort in formulating predictive analytics and machine learning by using our clients’ extensive data captures, where we intend to identify relevant non-sensitive data points, their common trends, and common milestones for improving workplace compliance across all industries regardless of organisation size,” says FlexManager’s director of customer success Gary Cunningham.