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Every Single working day in the UK two construction workers take their own life

Find this image upsetting? We do too. But with every two construction workers taking their own life every single working day, we need to act now.

We are the lighthouse construction Industry Charity and we’re on a journey to change attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing. But we need predictable funding so that we can continue to deliver the support our construction workers and their families desperately need.

How can you help?

You and your business can change the life of a construction worker today by simply providing an annual company donation. You choose the amount that suits you, with a minimum of £250.

  1. Go to – Make a difference today and pledge your annual donation. We’ll do the rest!
  2. You’re now a lighthouse company supporter! – We’ll send you your helpline pack and share your support on social media.
  3. Save the life of a construction worker- Your money goes right where it’s needed – helping our construction workers in crisis.