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Ecogreen Plant Hire – Waterless Wheel Cleaning System

Because we’re stuck out in the North Atlantic, the UK has the dubious reputation of being one of the wettest countries in Europe. They say that if it’s not raining here now, it very soon will be – which means mud on your site.  But work has to go on – and you are required by law to take all possible steps to prevent that mud from leaving the site and making a mess of the roads. Mud is a tricky problem to deal with.

Road sweepers are a normal reaction – but they can be expensive, are environmentally unfriendly as they create diesel emissions, can cause traffic chaos and sometimes just end up smearing the mess around.

Wheel washes can make more mud so making the situation worse. They can waste water, contaminate water courses, freeze up and break down in winter. They can also cause extra cost for extra hires such as bowsers, lances, pumps, generators (and fuel of course), and bunds.

Considering a dry system? “Rumble strips” have been around for a while, but typically present such a surface area that the mud that they displace sits on the bars and re-contaminates following wheels – until they have buried themselves.

This would’ve been on the road!

Ecogreen Plant Hire Ltd have the answer with the DriveOn V-Tech waterless wheel cleaner. It’s a dry, raised ramp system but has around 60% less surface area than a rumble strip, so it creates more vibration, more tyre flex and more mud is removed, which falls into the void below. It can’t freeze up or break down, doesn’t present water or fuel bills, doesn’t need supervision, creates no emissions, can reduce road sweeper requirements and so can save you money.

Of course, it will also show your customers that you are an environmentally responsible company.

We’d be delighted to survey your project and discuss its suitability and implementation.

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