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Easing the pain of Plaster in fittings

Levello explain how it’s modular fixing system makes plaster-in fittings easy and quick to install, as well as, effortlessly accommodating to all clients changing requirements.

Plaster-in fittings are becoming increasingly popular as more and more customers desire uncluttered ceilings and clean lines. Most plaster-in products are difficult and fiddly to install, also they are limited in their applications. With different sized “cut out’s” for each different type of fitting, mistakes are easy to make and constantly changing the hole-saw can be time consuming.

At the heart of what makes Levello different is its patented fixing system, a housing is fitted permanently into the ceiling and different styles of fittings or ‘inserts’ are placed into the housing and held in by magnets – a front plate completes the flat finish. Levello is versatile, allowing the user to change a downlight, to a pendent, to a spot light or even blank-out the position completely, in seconds. Just decide if the product needs to be fire rated or not and the choice is endless.

Simple installation

The “First Fix” housing is one size for all of Levello’s products reducing errors and speeding up the cutting of the holes. Housing installation is simple, drill a 62mm hole, fit the supply cable to the levello connector, push the housing into the hole and pop in the decorator’s card. And the ceiling is ready for plastering and painting.

The decorators cards – apart from making the life of the plasterer and painter easier, serves another useful purpose which, is to stop the housing getting filled with plaster and paint. The Levello Painter and Decorator Cards have been specifically designed to grip the inside of the housing, ensuring that they do not fall out during decorating. Levello supplies a plastering and a painting decorators card with each housing and recommends that they are removed when the plaster is green, or the paint is not completely dry – to ensure the perfect finish.

The “Second fix” stage is even easier as all Levello products are supplied with connectors factory-fitted, so second fix is literally “Plug and Play” and its magnetic fixing system means that the “Insert” is simply popped into the housing.

Stunning Ceilings

One of Levello’s aims is to make ceilings look beautiful.  Modern living requires that many devices; from light fittings to presence detectors, smoke alarms and speakers are fitted into the ceiling. This clutters up the ceiling and makes it almost impossible to achieve the clean, flawless look that architects and designers, often, would like to achieve. Levello has designed all of their products to have as small a visual impact as possible, giving an almost zero sight line.

One of the problems with most ceiling fittings is that the metal or plastic of the fitting ages differently to the paint on the ceiling. After a couple of years, one ends up with a yellowing fitting on the ceiling, which gives an aged appearance to room – especially if it had been re-decorated. To ensure that the desired finish is achieved over the longer term, Levello offer paintable front plates with practically all of their products to ensure that the colour of the visible part of the fitting not only blends in with the ceiling but ages gracefully too.

Clients changing their mind

The modular nature of Levello’s products means changing client requirements are no longer a problem as the “Insert” can be swapped out in seconds for another type of fitting. For example, if the customer suddenly decides they wish to move the kitchen table to another part of the room; to have their statement pendant light fitting above the table, this can be easily and quickly accommodated and achieved, in less time than it would take to get a ladder.

The Flush range of downlights can cater for almost any installation; the LOW-PROFILE products have been designed for ceiling voids where there is minimal space; the DEEP range are stylish recessed fittings with many different baffle colours to chose from; the DIRECTIONAL products can tilt by 35° and rotate by 360° and are perfect for wall washes or feature lighting. All of the flush range can be IP 65 rated with a minimum of fuss and no visual difference to the other products.  There is even the possibility to fit accessories such as honeycomb louvres of filters to reduce glare or create other lighting effects.

Outlaws Restaurant, Capital Hotel, Knightsbridge

To cater for different budgets a wide variety of light sources are available as Levello have designed their products around the industry standard 50mm diameter (MR16 / GU10) lamp style.  from a GU10 version where the contractor can select the GU10 of choice; to our range of high CRI light engines where quality of light is important such as restaurants and high-end properties such as are the recently completed Michelin starred Outlaws Restaurant at the capital Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Should the customer require other styles of lighting such as surface spotlight or pendants, these can be easily and quickly installed into the housing, the only limitation with pendants is that the fitting must not weigh more that 5Kg – similar to a ceiling rose.

There is an ever-expanding range of Alarms and Detectors covering many control systems. From stand-alone smoke and heat detectors to inter-linkable smoke and heat alarms the fire detection range is incredibly discrete with the largest alarm having a diameter less than 65mm. The presence detection range covers Lutron, Casambi, Dali and even 1-10v systems with the detector head being 10 – 20mm in diameter they are arguably the most discrete PIR’s available today.

Simple to maintain

Even with modern LED lamps, changing a lamp becomes inevitable, at best this often involves a face full of dust, at worst a damaged ceiling (not to mention broken fittings). Levello completely eliminates all the inconvenience of changing a lamp whilst maintaining the integrity and finish of the ceiling.

Levello is manufactured in the UK and supplied complete with simple installation instructions printed on the lid. The factory assembled connectors ensure speedy installation and testing, enabling the user to swap their fitting with ease and ensures the safety of the installation. Products can be supplied as ‘first fix’ and ‘second fix’ kits reducing the risk of lost or damaged products on site, while allowing last minute changes to be accommodated with ease.

Levello’s customers expect the best finish in all architectural needs.  Levello is a luxury lighting system which provides so many unique possibilities to everyone’s lighting schemes.