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Discover Site Productivity – a single source of truth for all your construction projects

The construction business is challenging!

The construction industry is complex and chaotic, often involving many stakeholders and diverse operations. Construction sites are fraught with delays, supply chain incidents, skilled labour shortages, difficulty in procuring raw materials, and breakdown of machinery causing a dip in productivity. As a result, construction projects are prone to cost overruns leading to a decrease in profits. Not to mention the risk of enduring court battles due to claims and other legal issues.

So, how can project managers and construction workers execute and deliver their construction projects on time and within budget? Protect against claims? And comply with standards and regulations? The key is to know and understand what is happening on the construction site with precise data and then make the right decision.

A Project Manager should get the whole story from the construction site. A field worker should be able to share accurate data straight from the field. And a construction worker should be able to get the right instruction to execute the right task. And all this in real-time with precise data along with the appropriate context.

Unfortunately, many construction companies don’t have any field monitoring and reporting mechanism. In this case, it is impossible to find out what is happening on the site to make good business decisions. And even if construction sites have a monitoring or reporting mechanism they are paper-based. Filling out paper diaries can be tedious, cumbersome and error-prone. They can lead to multiple reports with conflicting information. Not to mention that they can be lost, damaged or tampered with.

Also, activities on construction sites are fragmented, disparate and distributed amongst small groups of specialised contractors or teams working separately. Often each siloed team develops its own reporting system – some analyse data via excel, some use a visual reporting system (pictures or videos) and others use a paper diary with their own terminology. Thus, creating a lack of insight into the overall organisational structure and workflow of the construction site. Hence the necessity of a digital monitoring and reporting solution that brings accurate data in real-time straight from the field.

In other words, construction businesses need a single source of truth for all activities and projects happening on construction sites.  So that they can get the big picture and the accurate information to make the right decisions, execute the right task and use it as proof against any claims or legal issues.

Site Productivity – a new construction management software

Site Productivity connects your construction team’s day-to-day activities to the long-term vision of the construction project. Site Productivity is a suite of mobile and desktop apps, designed for construction professionals, that conquers chaos and brings clarity by connecting daily focus with the long-term strategy.

Site Productivity consists of two complementary apps working in synchronicity:

  • Site Diary – Record and track all field activities
    Site Diary is a simple tool used to collect data, track the progress of work, report on any event from the construction site and improve collaboration among teams as well as between the field and the office. It provides precise data, photos, daily activities, people on site, contractors, equipment and raw materials.

Site Diary allows construction teams to save time, resolve disputes, track progress and most importantly get paid.

  • Site Task – Schedule, assign and monitor tasks
    Site Task is a simple app used to create, and assign construction tasks and track their execution in order to deliver your construction projects successfully. It gives you an overview of your ongoing, completed and overdue tasks as well as calculates the productivity rate.

Site Task allows construction workers to improve construction site productivity, team coordination and track progress.

  • Site Supervision – Resolve defects and create checklists

Site supervision is a valuable app to locate, list and notify construction defects so that they are rectified before the final handover to the client. It is also a useful tool to create customizable checklists for inspection and auditing.

Site Supervision allows construction business to complete their construction projects according to initial specifications and comply with standards to ensure quality before final delivery.

These apps allow the export of detailed and precise reports in different formats (PDF, Excel and CSV) so that project managers can use them to make good decisions during business meetings.

Site Productivity is a construction management software suite that gives you complete control of your construction projects! It is a solution made for the field and offers the following benefits:

  • Monitor your construction site in real-time and make the right decisions
  • Stay on schedule and deliver your construction projects on time
  • Remove admin burden with automatic reports and live updates
  • Prevent errors, delays and accidents and rectify them before handover
  • Communicate effectively and precisely with all construction stakeholders
  • Comply with standards and regulations and protect against claims

Site Productivity improves your construction productivity

To conclude, Site Productivity – a single source of truth for your construction projects, is here to help your construction business thrive in the digital era! It brings clarity, removes barriers and moves work forward so that you can deliver your construction project on time and within budget. That means, it improves the productivity of your construction project. And most importantly, it will protect you against claims, legal issues and other future eventualities.

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