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Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam wins prestigious MIPIM Award 2020


The Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been awarded with a prestigious MIPIM Award 2020 for ‘Best Refurbished Building’ at the Paris Real Estate Week. The historical building, designated as  a national monument, has undergone a major renovation designed by the architectural office ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers design + projects.

Revitalization of a monument
The Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam, built in1911, has been transformed into a centre for the creative industry: Capital C Amsterdam. Following several additions, a fire and various renovations, much of the original charisma of the architecture had disappeared. To fully restore the original qualities of the monument, the building underwent a major renovation to be largely returned to the original Gerrit van Arkel Jugendstil design.

The renovation included restoration of monumental features and adaptation of the interior for use as a modern, flexible office environment. A unique dome of steel and glass, named the ‘High Light’, was designed by ZJA and placed at the apex of the existing monument. Solar cells are integrated into the curved glass of the parametrically designed structure, simultaneously generating energy and providing shade for a better indoor climate. The faceted form of the dome is reminiscent of the monument’s history as a place of diamond trade.

Reconstruction of original monumental features
Based on archive drawings and photos, ZJA together with Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau made the design for the accurate reconstruction of the facade of the building.  Two striking towers on the roof, the original roof edge and tympana from the original design by Van Arkel have been reinstated.

Art and design
The design for Capital C was created in collaboration with about 20 artists and designers who designed various spaces throughout the building like the entrance, stairwells, meeting rooms and offices and equipped these with art, giving each space a unique identity. A pop-up gallery is located in the main hall, which offers room for exhibitions to galleries from around Amsterdam. An inviting terrace in front of the building designed by Gabriel Lester will be added, surrounded by a public green area.

A sparkling monument
As Capital C, the Diamond Exchange offers a contemporary office environment and art exhibitions situated within a unique architectural monument. The Diamond Exchange, in its reincarnation as Capital C, has once again become  a vibrant and valuable location in Amsterdam.

ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers design + projects (architects), Zadelhoff B.V. and Sijthoff Media (client), Müller & van Tol (interior designer), Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau (restoration architect), Van Milt Restaurateurs (restoration experts): Pieters Bouwtechniek (design consultant), DCV Bouw (principal contractor), Octatube (engineer and contractor roof structure), Studio Linse (interior designer High Light, NewKantoor (contractor final phase), Peak Development (project management).