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Conquip: Northern Line Extension: Elevating Safety and Efficiency with Crane Forks Cage

In the wake of safety concerns between 2015-2017 about how palletised materials were lifted in the UK construction industry, the Conquip engineering team was tasked with creating a safer, more reliable alternative to traditional Crane Forks with safety nets. The result was the Crane Forks Cage, a solution launched in 2019 that has proven its worth in the challenging environment of the Northern Line Extension project.

The Problem: Safety Risks in Shaft Loadout

The Northern Line Extension project involved lifting materials into deep, 40-metre shafts, often with limited or no visibility for the crane operators. This posed significant safety risks, including the potential for loads to snag or dislodge.

The Trial: Testing the Crane Forks Cage

Initial trials were conducted at two sites: the Kennington ventilation shaft and the Battersea Power Station box shaft. While Battersea team gave positive feedback, the Kennington team pointed out challenges related to unloading in confined spaces.

The Solution: Engineering a Simple Yet Effective Fix

Our engineering team then collaborated with the Kennington shaft lifting team to develop a simple yet innovative solution: a ramp that allows the cage to be unloaded with a pallet truck. This eliminated the need for multiple lifts and crane moves, even in tight spaces or where headroom was restricted.

Project Feedback

  • The new concrete lifting cage is incredibly simple to use. It’s just as quick as using the safety net.” Deividas Matulevicius, Lead AP for Lifting at Battersea, FLO JV
  • The cage provides a much safer method than a net; its solid walls offer a more secure way of lifting materials, even during blind lifts into shafts.” Liam Greaney, Project Engineer at Kennington, FLO JV

Beyond the Case Study: Holistic Lifting Solutions

Our partnership with the Northern Line Extension project didn’t stop at the Crane Forks Cage. We also provided comprehensive lifting solutions, site setup, and bulk excavation equipment.

Conclusion: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

The Crane Forks Cage showcases our commitment to delivering innovative, safety-focused solutions. Explore how the Crane Forks Cage can elevate lifting efficiency and safety in your upcoming projects.

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