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CEMEX Upgrades Facilities at Salford to Improve Rail Depot Capability

CEMEX has invested over £300,000 into its Salford railhead, upgrading its track and storage bays to improve safety and allow delivery of hardstone into the site.

This important work forms part of a strategic programme to upgrade all of the track at CEMEX sites across the UK. So far, 300 metres of track at Salford has been replaced along with new ballast, with a further 300 metres planned for this year. 

In addition, improvements to the storage bays now mean that for the first time, carriages can travel the full length of the storage shed, utilising all 10 bays. 

As a result, the site can now receive hardstone deliveries from South Wales every two weeks by rail, as opposed to using trucks; reducing road movements and offering additional sustainability benefits. These upgrades also ensure increased safety during transportation and discharge. 

David Hart, CEMEX’s Supply Chain Director for UK & France, commented:

“This investment into our railhead at Salford is part of a national four-year programme to raise safety standards across our UK rail operation. We expect to spend a similar figure every year, with work also completed at our Dove Holes site last year.”

The improvements at Salford are further complemented by the introduction of new CEMEX-branded wagons, operated in partnership with GB Railfreight. These attractive wagons are regularly used alongside The CEMEX Express, the Class 66 Locomotive unveiled in June 2019. 

Dave added:

“Rail is an integral component of our supply chain strategy meaning we are investing into our network to ensure it boasts industry-leading safety standards and operates efficiently. As we look to grow our transport by rail in order to maximise the time, capacity and efficiency benefits it offers, this expenditure will allow us to increase our rail deliveries into Salford; all while using stylish CEMEX-liveried wagons!”

John Smith, Managing Director of GB Railfreight said:

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with CEMEX. The introduction of new wagons earlier this year and CEMEX’s commitment to supporting rail freight is very exciting, especially considering the need to reduce carbon emissions.

“Our services have already removed a considerable number of trucks from the road, helping to ensure operations are carried out it the most sustainability way. We look forward to working with CEMEX in 2020 to ensure this partnership continues to flourish.”