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Case Study: Boxing Clever

Handy Dryers provide ultra-hygienic hand drying solution for popular UK leisure destination

Handy Dryers, the UK’s leading vendor of energy-efficient, stylish, fast-action hand dryers has supported renowned leisure and entertainment brand, BOXPARK, with the refit of its washroom facilities.

Supplying a range of its locations with the Sterillo Duo, the specification of these innovative and ultra-hygienic hand drying units represent BOXPARK’s uncompromising commitment to public health and safety.

Installed across its largest 20,000 ft2 site in Wembley, London, the UK designed and patented Sterillo Duo system is the only hand dryer that removes germs and unwanted odours from the air. Its selection for this project arose from its previous specification at BOXPARK’s head offices, where its efficiency and efficacy quickly impressed the senior design and procurement teams.

As one of the most advanced hand drying systems on the market, Sterillo Duo is a patented product, combining the high performance of the best-selling and market leading, Kangarillo II ECO hand dryer, with the ground-breaking Sterillo germ-busting technology.

Simply, it removes airborne and surface-residing bacteria using Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) to break down micro-organisms and effectively destroy them. This makes it the most hygienic hand dryer on the market, one so powerful it even eradicates Coronavirus.

In fact, independent tests carried out by the UK Government’s Public Health England labs at Porton Down have found the unit removes over 99% of the most common infectious bacteria found in washrooms, within a 5m2 – 30m2 radius[1].  It’s this official, third-party endorsement of Sterillo Duo that gave BOXPARK essential peace of mind on the health and safety front and the confidence to select it for their popular destinations.

Taking a closer look at the project…

A hygiene-first solution

BOXPARK is one of the UK’s best-admired leisure, retail and hospitality developers and operators, with locations across London and, more recently, Liverpool.

Its Wembley site is one of its most popular destinations, drawing in millions of people each year. Combining 20 street food traders, three bars and a host of entertainment venues, it’s become a prominent part of the community and a go-to for standalone visitors as well as those to Wembley Stadium and the OVO Arena.

As it receives consistent, heavy footfall, it means its facilities must withstand constant use, especially its washrooms. If these spaces are not kept clean this poses a significant risk to public health, increasing the probability of staff and visitor illness and potential legal consequences.

Furthermore, unclean and smelly washrooms have a significant psychological impact, which can negatively affect the overall perception of a venue, leading to unhappy customers and poor reviews, reducing the likelihood of repeat business.

Looking for a clean game

Due to play host to live screenings of EURO 2024 matches, BOXPARK was acutely aware these facilities will experience heavy traffic and, if not regularly maintained can become unsanitary and unhygienic, posing a risk to visitors.

Not only that, they were keen to ensure as many visitors returned throughout the tournament as possible to maintain revenue levels. This meant ensuring a pleasant experience across the entire site, washrooms included.

During peak times, deep cleaning is not possible, so anything mitigating the spread of germs and harmful bacteria would be welcome. This is where the hand drying unit can play an important, preventative role.

The BOXPARK Team did not have to look far for a solution, in fact, it was to be found in their head office washrooms. Enter Sterillo Duo.

A powerful combination

It’s fair to say Sterillo Duo is by far the most effective hand dryer currently available on the market.

A trailblazer in every sense of the word, its revolutionary technology instantly sterilises the air around the dryer, and produces air speeds of up to 245mph. This kills germs and completely dries hands in 8-12 seconds. It makes it one of the top-performing dryers in the world, and one perfectly suited for the leisure and attractions sector.

A no-brainer for BOXPARK, it immediately ticked the box when it came to the client’s requirement for components, which could achieve a hygienic washroom environment even during the busiest times.

Aside from Sterillo Duo’s health and safety benefits, BOXPARK’s team was particularly impressed by Sterillo Duo’s ability to silently remove nasty smells and malodours, leaving a relatively fresh smell in its washroom facilities 24/7, 365 days a year.

Perfect performance that protects the planet

However, protecting visitor welfare was only part of the brief, with the client also tasking Handy Dryers to come up with a green solution as much as a practical one, to support its Net Zero commitments.

Once again, Sterillo Duo was able to meet this sustainability requirement through its impressively low operational costs, with the in-built sterilizing lamp requiring a tiny 7 watts of power to function. This works out to approximately £10.00 a year, significantly enhancing hygiene at little extra expense. The dryer itself only uses approx. 0.6kW per use, further keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Finally, BOXPARK needed the dryers to look stylish, and unobtrusive, reflecting its signature industrial aesthetic. Again, the Sterillo Duo’s sleek, signature design meant perfectly balanced form and function, achieving visual appeal without detracting from its primary function.

BOXPARK’s General manager added: “The dryers work exceptionally well for our location – efficiently at rapid speed, keeping the flow of traffic moving smoothly. By keeping the dryers consistently well-maintained to uphold their performance, they also play a significant role in maintaining odour-free washrooms.”

It’s clear, Sterillo Duo is setting the standard for events venues, leisure attractions and hospitality destinations that want to keep visitors safe, resulting in good reviews and happy customers who want to return again and again.

A win-win situation for the client and its customers.

Balancing form and function

Available in black, stainless steel and white colourways, Handy Dryers is the UK’s official retailer of Sterillo Duo.

It can be purchased in four sizes, appropriate to setting: 5, 10, 20 and 30, which match the corresponding M2 requirements of the washroom for which it is specified.

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