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Bay-Lynx’s volumetric concrete mixers are proving to be the most accurate and most durable on the market

All of our mixers are manufactured with top quality steel and include design features that offer many advantages for operators.

Cement metering is mechanically linked to the belt delivering the sand and stone, meaning that the most costly ingredient of the mix will always be ratioed accurately to give you the precise mix you need.

The 12-inch auger we use on our mixers allows a very high output with very little wear. In fact, Bay-Lynx augers last twice as long as smaller versions that are used by other companies.

Our Ultralite Volumetric Concrete Mixer offers the only aluminum aggregate bin in the industry – providing weight savings, improved aerodynamics, it will not rust, and it looks great!

Bay-Lynx is backed by a 50-year history in steel construction. Our outstanding sales support ensures that your equipment is tailor-made for your needs. Our aftersales support will keep your machine always running with parts, service and support when you need it.

Ask Bay-Lynx if a volumetric concrete mixer is right for your business by calling us at 0161-403-0003 or visiting our website at