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Actis to deliver insight to construction industry during year of LABC technical events

Actis specification managers Amaret Chahal and Jason Doherty are among the Actis team who will be taking part in the LABC's monthly technical roadshows which kick off towards the end of June.

The Actis specification team is gearing up to take part in a series of monthly technical events hosted by LABC – with the first lined up to take place in late June in Dorset.

The insulation specialist is working with LABC for the fifth year in a row as a CPD partner.

The year-long programme of informative technical events consists of four face-to-face and eight virtual sessions, with the physical activities scheduled to take place in Dorset, Chester, Harpenden and Haringey between June this year and May 2023. The three-dimensional sessions will run from 8am until 12.30, with the online ones running from 11am.

Actis, along with LABC’s other CPD partners, will each offer 20 minutes of insight into a specific technical issue and a proposed solution designed to educate and inform delegates.

In addition to the CPD partners’ presentations LABC will be covering the new Building Safety Act and building control regime and touching on the new Approved Documents for Parts F, L, O and S.

Actis has been running training courses – its two popular CPDs, one of which is RIBA-approved, and a SAP module – at LABC technical seminars since 2018, in real life and online.

The events are aimed at helping other industry members gain greater insight into issues affecting the construction sector, with the Actis component focusing on thermal efficiency.

Actis’ CPDs include a RIBA-approved module on Addressing the Performance Gap with Reflective Insulation and another on Proven Compliant Systems.

The first LABC technical roadshow this year is provisionally scheduled to take place on June 29th from 8am. The date and precise location are still to be confirmed.